Last Month's Hack-a-thon

Last month, we had our first hack-a-thon in many years. Attendance was spread out over the weekend and some great contributions got completed.

  • Carl Gay documented our regular expressions library.
  • Peter Housel made more solid progress on our LLVM compiler back-end.
  • Dustin Voss improved some aspects of our support for limited collections.
  • Ingo Promovicz improved support for locking I/O streams.
  • Bruce Mitchener worked on merging run-time libraries to help provide more consistent support for various features across the various compiler back-ends.
  • Francesco Ceccon worked on the gobject-introspection bindings and the generator for creating C-FFI bindings for the GTK+ family of libraries.
  • Hannes Mehnert addressed some issues in the networking library surrounding localhost connections.
  • Andreas Bogk returned from the dead and observed the goings on after a multi-year absence.
  • Tom Emerson began investigating providing support for Unicode in Dylan.
  • Robert Roland enhanced the sqlite bindings.

Thanks to everyone who participated and we're looking forward to our next hack-a-thon in a couple of months.

All of these changes and much much more will be present in our upcoming 2013.2 release!